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In the event that you have any comments or suggestions regarding our review, please send them to us at help. PoenaIsKoningDVDRiPXviD 10. PoenaIsKoningDVDRiPXviD 2007.Q: Slight inconsistency in JavaScript postBack I have a strange issue with JavaScript and ASP.NET when using the.NET Ajax library. I have a page with a MenuStrip control and an Accordion control. The Accordion is populated by a ListBox. I have a button that is hooked up to an OnCommand event. Within the button event handler I check for the CommandName attribute of the button and execute my logic for the button. I have a test page where I have the menu strip hidden and I am only working with the listbox on the main page. On the main page, I click a button in the accordion. The click event fires correctly. The button clicked is calling the correct event. The problem occurs when I move the button click event to the test page where I do not have the menu strip. When I click the button there, it executes the button click and works as expected. To illustrate my problem I have put some example code into the test page. In addition, you can download the code from and expand the WebUITest folder. If you open the index.aspx in the WebUITest folder, you will see that when you click on the Accordion button it executes the button click event. However, if you click the button without a menu strip present, it doesn't execute the button click event. I have gone through the code and I can't see any reason for this issue. If you know what I am doing wrong please help. Thanks, Dave A: I have finally figured out the issue. My button click handler was setting the page to null. This then caused all events fired by the page to be handled by the top level page. By moving the code to the OnPreRender method, this issue has been resolved. Q: How to test a function that is dependent on the data from another function using RSpec? In order to test my custom function called LogisticRegression




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PoenaIsKoningDVDRiPXviD 2007 2022

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